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Our mission is to solve health and nutrition problems of nomadic herdsmen families, to support the development of the educational sector and help local communities who are the most vulnerable families to overcome poverty and experience fullness of life to increase their monthly income, to save and protect their environment.

Together we can protect children today, and empower them for tomorrow.

However , natural disaster The Green project had implemented successfully on time thanks to International Donors support.

    last May we had natural disaster ,Thanks to International Donors support we had implemented one of the important and useful “ Safety food “ project as normal in Ulaankhus and Sogoog communities on time and got enough harvest for 2019. In addition ,animal “ Nutrition feed “ project has successfully run well so […]

At School Number 88th

    At School Number 88th, the walls of 6 classrooms were insolated with Felt, PVC floor tiles were laid, a 100 square meter metal fence was put for protecting the school environment and 420 square meter tiles were laid in front of school by the hardworking Kellett school students and staff and generous support […]

Rural area and suburb of city always stuck with everything.

  Rural area and suburb of city always stuck with everything. One of them is Sogog secondary school which has 750 students 70% from herdsmen families. During the education year these students live at the dormitory. This time Rustic generous support reached at this school to repair classroom floor with GEFLOR French floor covering. School […]

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