Green news from Khizil-Kharin, Sagsai and Sogog

The cucumbers in Sogog and Khizil-Kharin keep on growing fast and steadily, so that the jarring of cucumbers has become a regular event.



We took a look underground at the potatoes in Sagsai:

Vegetable jarring workshop for the cooks of Ulaanhus kindergarten

Last week, a workshop on vegetable jarring was held for the cooks of Ulaanhus kindergarten as it is the kindergarten`s first growing season.

During the workshop


Sagsai`s jarred cucumbers



The cooks jarring cucumbers on their own after the workshop


This year, apart from the cucumbers, the kindergartens are also growing the necessary herbs for the jarring themselves.



Cucumbers in kg










 Sagsai KG`s greenhouse


Sogog school`s greenhouse


Ulaanhus KG`s greenhouse


Ulaanhus KG`s greenhouse


Children are helping to water the green projects

Some of the communities` children are helping to water the trees and vegetables of the school and kindergarten during their summer vacation.


Khizil-Kharin Sogog kindergarten`s cucumbers

After three months, Kulshash came back to Sogog to control the green project of the kindergarten. Her workers and the workers of our NGO who helped to take care of the vegetables while she was sick did a good job. She almost cried when she saw how big the trees, vegetables and herbs have become. The cabbages, turnips, onions, tomatoes and herbs are growing very well.




Sogog kindergarten


Sogog kindergarten

Ulaanhus kindergarten


Sogog school


Ulaanhus kindergarten


Sagsai school`s vegetable field

Sagsai clinic`s vegetable field


The new trees keep on growing very well

 The trees planted this year keep on growing very well, thanks to the gardeners who are watering them twice a day, depending on the weather. School children are also helping to water the trees during their summer vacation after they had helped to plant them in May. In the future, this area will be a park with playgrounds for the children.

Trees on the new school field


Trees on the northern edge of Sogog


Trees and berries, planted in 2009 on the school`s green project

Old trees on the KG`s green project


Old berries on the KG`s green project


Willows on Ulaanhus KG`s green project


Distributing clothes to more families

During summertime, several families who used to live far away from each other move together to one summer camp. We used this opportunity to distribute more donated clothes to some of these families.


At the same time, we checked the health of children and pregnant women and provided the ones in need with vitamins.



GP update Ulaanhus kindergarten

Potatoes and cabbages


Cucumbers and tomatoes with first vegetables


The first watermelons of Ulaanhus soum!!! 🙂


Willow trees


GP update Sogog families

This year, several families planted potatoes and other vegetables without the support of our NGO. We are very happy about that development. Here are pictures of the families we supported with potato seeds.
The trees and berries of the Community Tree Park are growing as well as the ones on the new school field:

GP update Khizil-Kharin

Despite the cold and the ongoing rain the vegetables inside the greenhouse as well as outside are growing well.




Potatoes and cabbages




GP update Sogog school



Tomato plant with its first little tomatoes


Bell pepper with blossoms and apple tree




Cabbages and onions


The marvelous tryptichon – willow, aspen, sea buckthorn berry and the berry field


The last of the newly planted trees are enfolding delicate new leaves and most of the new berries are doing well.


It`s amazing to see the aspen and willow trees of the new school field growing. Each week the number of trees that have not yet produced leaves decreases!


GP update Sogog kindergarten

By now, every green project is having its first vegetables. The first round of cucumbers has already been harvested. Meanwhile, the trees develop into forests. It`s a wonderful feeling to walk past them, the wind playing with their branches and the birds flying up.



 Onions and herbs


 Potatoes and cabbages





 Willows and aspen