Thanks to HPWB and ADVL team from Laurentian University


Thanks to HPWB and ADVL team from Laurentian University , local kids and adults learned many important health concepts such as hydration and dehydration as well as first aid trainings that focused on some serious issues we have experiences in the last few years

The HPWB team had meetings with local and mobile doctors of Ulaankhus sum. Together they discussed health issues affecting local people. In addition HPWB team taught cooking classes, maternal health, hydration and dehydration, as well as yoga classes..etc for local women.

On the other hand, the ADVL team, together with Stewart put water systems in 5 kindergarten greenhouses of Khulja ,Sogog and Ulaankhus area!





Finally, after all of the hard work the container was delivered in Ulgii. We would like to express our gratitude from the bottom of our heart to all International DONORS and LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS who helped in the project . We would like to recognize the support of professors Sebastien Nault, Jim Little, students of the School of Human Kinetics at Laurentian University and the generous contribution of J.S. RedPath mining company as well as Red Cross Society in Mongolia. Special mention to the dedication to finding solutions to the logistics of international shipping to Laura, Brenda, Rakesh and Mathieu from J.S. Redpath at the North Bay office as well as Kherlen.B senior Manager Road freight & Multimodal, DHL and Enkhtsag.D and Sarantuya at the Red Cross Society in Mongolia.

We would like to thank you all for your support, contribution of time and energy, and your generous donations. The event for DONATION was very successful – for that, we are also immensely grateful. Words cannot express how we feel. Thank you once again! Your kindness is truly appreciated by Local communities of Ulaankhus, Khulja, Dayan , Sogog and SSN NGO board members!!!


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Classifying Donating
Reading and sunglass Happy to having new car!


Thanks to support and collaboration of Dr.Johnnes Vlijmen , Stichting Dhampus (1Dhampus Foundation)

  Thanks to support and collaboration of Dr.Johnnes Vlijmen , Stichting Dhampus (1Dhampus Foundation) and Friends of Source of Steppe Nomads in Mongolia NGO and Ulgii Health Department as well as local Steppe Nomads NGO the fourth time dental examination and treatments of dental cavities has implemented successfully in Ulaankhus and Sogog! All together 312 children and 3 adults tooth were treated and 650 children were taught classes how to brush their tooth with right way and how important is to brush tooth…
Analyze of dentist : children are learning very quick and their tooth getting better!!!
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