Finally, in 3 years we so seabuckthorn, at the garden of Nomads families in Sogog.

 Zastap Kindergarten greenhouse cucumbers are in full bloom and producing many cucumbers! However, the mice are eating some of them L Mr.Kadirbek, the new head of Zastap military, is learning about the green projects from those who have experience with growing vegetables.
 These two gardeners, Zukai and Rakhat are thinning the carrots in the Sogog Kindergarten field.  Some of the trees are growing very well, like the ones in the photo!
 Mrs.Bybygul  is happy to see the first seabuckthorn berries on the trees she planted 4 years ago.  There are many berries on the trees which will make nice jam, juice or simply an afternoon snack!
 Family gardens provide nutritious vegetables grown right at home.  Some neighbours have divided a large space for 5 gardens, one for each family. This way, they can help each other water and learn about how the plants are growing.  Some families also plant grasses for their animals.
 Some new vegetables and some familiar vegetables – Radishes are growing well, and people are starting to wonder what they should do with these red things!  Potatoes are growing in rows between these children who are learning from their family garden how these common vegetables are made.
 More trees planted in family gardens looking to be in very good condition!  The rain in July certainly helped them grow many leaves.  
 One of the local carpenters in Sogog built a food dryer so that we can preserve some of the green leafy vegetables by drying. We will try this with bok choy and spinach.

The Nohoit Summer Camp will run for 24 days forherdsmen children who are ages 5-7

 The Nohoit Summer Camp will run for 24 days forherdsmen children who are ages 5-7. These children will enter the elementary school for the first time in September. The camp is located in the country side where SSN NGO sets up a traditional ger as the classroom.
A carpenter’s training room is being built in the Sogog School! A section in the main entrance of the school was divided into 2 floors to accommodate this room.   
Growing vegetables requires some hard labour!   These threeguys spent the day weeding the potato fields in the hot sun. In order to aerate the soil and allow water to percolate easily,the top layer of the greenhouse soil is aerated by hand.
Sogog Kindergarten Greenhouse has its first cucumber of the season!  These diligent kids are helping to water the many cucumber plants.  Gardener Zuhai is receiving new materials for the greenhouse – water cans, a thermometer and string for typing the cucumber plants.
Replanting some of the rows that the mice snacked on.  And three days later…..zucchini sprouts!
   Bok Choy is growing very well!  We are trying different methods of preservation by jarring and drying.  This is a vegetable we have not grown before or used in our cooking, so we are trying new things!

Mice are eating cucumbers!!!

Three weeks ago, Summer Green House seeds and sprouts were transported and planted everywhere. SSN green projects are being implemented!!!

Transporting sprouts to to Zastap and Ulaankhus Green Houses Zastap Green House seeds and sprouts were planted three weeks ago

Mice are eating Sogog School Green House plants!!! The cat is being fed inside of the Green House for hunting mice!!! We replanted new kinds of nutritious vegetables to replace the eaten cucumber and tomatoes plants!

  Watering the Sogog kindergarten fruit seeds which were replanted beginning of June
A row of radishes Onions
Ulaankhus Kindergarten trees Sogog kindergarten trees
Sogog Kindergarten trees

Construction materials were transported for Sogog Winter Green House and Sogog School carpenter’s room.

Transporting materials to Sogog from Ulgii to build the Winter Green House Sheets of polystyrene for insulating Winter Green House
Kindergarten workers putting building materials into storage
Potato field Other vegetable field