SSN NGO is receiving thankful greetings


Ms. Lena Khazidolda, head of SSN NGO is receiving thankful greetings from Mr. Aigul Skhah , head of Ulaankhus sum kindergarten be half of Sogog and Ulaankhus sum communities.


SSN NGO donated a Russian jeep to Bal-Bobek kindergarten to transfer kids between home to kindergarten. Because most of families lives far way from center of village. Around 200 communities participated this special event .


Representative of communities expressed their gratitude to Ms.Lena and SSN NGO staffs and It’s International Donors. Grandmother was so happy for receiving new car. She said that thanks to SSN NGO all staffs, it’s International Donors and Ms. Kulshash Semey , head of Bal-Bobek kindergarten our kids are so lucky and happy living in Sogog and kids are learning new poems , dance and other many things; therefore, growing up in the safety and comfortable place and eating healthy food .SSN NGO is doing all necessary important opportunities to our future generation grew up healthy such as the nutrition, health and education projects all of which have being implemented successfully and being sustainable thanks to SSN NGO and its International Donors long term support.

This time, not only Sogog kindergarten received gift . Ulaankhus sum kindergarten also received a lot’s of toys for International Children’s day. Both ,Mr. Slyambol, governor of Ulaankhus sum and Ms. Aygul , head of Ulaankhus kindergarten also expressed their gratitude to Ms. Lena and other International Donors and SSN NGO staff.