She awarded with ˜Golden medal

Thanks to dear donors FSSN NGO, Rustic Pathways and SSN NGO support, herdsmen families children even poor families children have learned English since May.2014 in Sogog and Ulaankhus. Bayan-Ulgii. We are very proud of our teachers and pupils. They show high result of studying English. They can communicated English better than other second and third languages. They also have a lot’s of possibilities to develop their speaking by communicating SSN NGO volunteers and volunteer tourists. We hope our smart pupils are able to improve their English languages and can get grants to study abroad to learn more things later come back to their hometown and to do something to develop their hometown in the future. SSN NGO ant Its dear donors are bridge of our kids. We hope a year by year number of pupils who got medals will be increased.
In March 7th grade pupil Zaya Kholganat from Sogoog, participated English language Olympic in Ulgii. She awarded with ‘Golden’ medal. We are very proud of her!
7th grade pupil Zaya Kholganat



Thanks to support of Friends of Source of Steppe Nomads NGO

Thanks to support of Friends of Source of Steppe Nomads NGO, we stopped infecting a flue , a cough and a cold in Sogog bagh of Ulaankhus sum. So, school and kindergarten are working by general schedule. But doctors and nurses worked with load time. Tow team have worked on the project field. One of them is visiting to families to treat patients another team is working at the Clinic of Sogog center which opened by support of SSN NGO and local government. Local community , local government and SSN NGO are expressing their gratitude to Friends of Source of Steppe Nomads NGO in Netherland.
Mobile doctor Mr.Serikbolat and SSN NGO board member Mrs. Kulshash Semey were receiving the donation medicines .

Herdsmen families and local communities are receiving free medicines.