AID medicine campaign March- May.2016


Today number of children even adults has a lot of disease especial cold and morbilli. Every year SSN NGO organizes campaign under the “Vitaminize ” in spring. Because most of people and children feel tired and lose immunization so they get sick easily .This year NGO also has implemented this campaign again. Thanks to Netherland donors and FSSN NGO in Netherland , Sogog village is safety any outbreak of infectious disease and village community are receiving free medicines and vitamins…

Local communitey are expressing their gratitude to FSSN, Dear Donnors and SSN NGO. Thanks to their support village is safty from spread and infect disease!!!

All together 800 adults 400 children received this free medince under the doctors control and examination.

Patients are receiving free medicines and verifying a documents of SSN NGO free medicina.

End of the meeting Sogog school students made perpormace and Mr. Holganat handled ship that was made by Sogog school students, for gift for expressing their gratitude to All donors and SSN NGO staff be half of all students.We are handinling this gift to SSN NGO ‘’HONNOR DONNOR” in Netherland.