The vegetable fields’ ground were disturbed

The vegetable fields’ ground were disturbed

Sogog kindergarten vegetable field
Sogog school and kindergarten’s vegetable fields works finished and potatoes seeds were planted.
Next week Zastap and Ulaankhus kindergarten vegetables will be planted.  
The 4th bagh mayor  and SSN NGO board member J.Tabis  and SSN NGO local gardeners had meeting  with community. They discussed  and talked the new kind of nutrition seeds about how to plant and how important to grow them for their health and some kind of gardening tools which will be distributed to them by SSN NGO.  
However , no much rain the barriers and trees are growing well  
Two years ago this boy planted this tree with her mother. Now he is comparing his tree how bigger grown then him:)

Potatoes seeds were bought and divided to places

Potatoes seeds were bought and divided to places; therefore, stored at the vegetable storage for few days

Ulaankhus kindergarten is receiving and measuring potatoes seeds


All together Zastap and Sogog kindergartens, Sogog school and families potatoes seeds have being stored at the centre of Sogog at the dormitory storage for few days.

Stored for few days


School accountant measuring seeds


Summer Green House field preparation almost finishing.



This week local gardeners of Sogog, Ulaankhus and Zastap

This week local gardeners of Sogog, Ulaankhus and Zastap have done the field works. Transporting the black soil and preparing them to use inside Green Houses and vegetable fields

If the general soil watering is deep and very well that helps seeds to get worse easily  and in the result will be able to have a good  harvest and for few weeks gardeners won’t need to water potatoes field  everyday after planting potatoes seeds. So, gardeners have watered  the vegetable fields for 10 days.

Sogog school vegetable field

Threes watering twice a day because in spring the  Mongolian weather is very dry and windy because of that watering area is getting dry very easy.


Sogog school vegetable field trees and tree park

Planting Sogog school and Sogoog, Ulaankhus , Zastap kindergarten green houses’ seeds. For now it is growing well.

Baby seeds growing well for now