Balbobek kindergarten will have winter green house soon!

Last week, under the Sogog community and SSN NGO board members’ discussion a place where the winter greenhouse will be built , was selected and the field works had started. J. Tabis , mayor of the 4th bagh and Kh.Lena president of SSN NGO and S.Kulshash , head of Balbobek kindergarten expressed their gratitude to all donors and Mr. Geert Postma be half of Sogog community.

 Selecting the place where has a lot of sunshine in    the winter time Digging the winter green house ground
 The Balbobek kindergarten workers Picking up rocks
 Ulaankhus green house is ready to plant seeds  Ulaankhus kindergarten ‘s vegetable field work
 Sogog community gardeners are receiving the seeds of potatoes, carrot, onion and turnip.  Gardener is measuring and giving the seeds to the local gardeners.
 Ulaankhus kindergarten trees
 Sogog kindergarten trees  Sogog school berries
Trees were planted for protecting the Sogog from desert. Some trees growing well some of them not so good but growing again