Mice are eating cucumbers!!!

Three weeks ago, Summer Green House seeds and sprouts were transported and planted everywhere. SSN green projects are being implemented!!!

Transporting sprouts to to Zastap and Ulaankhus Green Houses Zastap Green House seeds and sprouts were planted three weeks ago

Mice are eating Sogog School Green House plants!!! The cat is being fed inside of the Green House for hunting mice!!! We replanted new kinds of nutritious vegetables to replace the eaten cucumber and tomatoes plants!

  Watering the Sogog kindergarten fruit seeds which were replanted beginning of June
A row of radishes Onions
Ulaankhus Kindergarten trees Sogog kindergarten trees
Sogog Kindergarten trees

Construction materials were transported for Sogog Winter Green House and Sogog School carpenter’s room.

Transporting materials to Sogog from Ulgii to build the Winter Green House Sheets of polystyrene for insulating Winter Green House
Kindergarten workers putting building materials into storage
Potato field Other vegetable field