Last week SSN health team visited to the countryside where it’s projects have being implemented.

 Last week SSN health team visited to the countryside where it’s projects have being implemented. During their trip they gave vitamins to the children who has anemia under the testing their health. Good news , number of children and mothers who have anemia are being reduced then last year. It is a result of using healthy food for their daily lifestyle at home, at the kindergarten , at the clinic and at the dormitory. Of course it is fruits of SSN NGO and local organizations workers and gardeners who have worked hard and managed to built good friendship of collaboration at the GP project.

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This week SSN NGO team visited to the Traumatology Hospital to give some trauma materials.

 Because of a lot of snowing and cold breeze all roads covered with snow which changed as slippery. Number of damaged people and car accident are increased a day by day to go to traumatology hospital in Ulaanbaatar because of slippery roads.
This week SSN NGO team visited to the Traumatology Hospital to give some trauma materials. This is the only biggest hospital in Mongolia where come all heavy and damaged, fractured patients who are from everywhere in Mongolia.

Since last week everywhere covered with deep snow in Mongolia

 Since last week everywhere covered with deep snow in Mongolia. Glittering white snow, clear fresh air, sun and little chill are the images of Mongolian winter ;therefore, sometimes cold breeze is being scared to everyone. Local old herdsmen say this winter could be the coldest in Mongolia has seen in the last 70 years.
Most of all, the board members are concerned with nomadic herdsmen families who and whom animals risk freezing to death if the forecast of the meteorologists and local old people come true.
So, this week Source of Steppe Nomads NGO team visited to the nomads families in Bayan-Ulgii, Mongolia, to give them warm cloths .


2011 harvest

Local communities, organization which are being helped to grow their own vegetables by Source of Steppe Nomads NGO, picked up their harvest successfully on Saturday, 1. October in 2011. Since, last year pupils have helped to pick up the harvest. Their experience how to pick up harvest without damaging them, are improving
Furthermore, they were so happy when they saw new vegetables , herbs and fruits


Hip hip hourrray

Last week, our NGO took part in a green project competition including all the seven soums of Bayan-Ulgii province. 50 organizations (1KGs, schools …), 60 families and 7 NGOs exhibited their harvest in Ulgii (1province capital).


   We prepared salads and showed the growing process that takes place from seed to vegetable.

And “Source of Steppe Nomads” NGO was awarded the silver medal!! Yippiieeehhhhh. Congratulations to all our gardeners and workers who produced this amazing harvest!



Sogog`s marvel (1lous vegetables)

Sogog`s marvel (1lous vegetables)
Yes, it IS a watermelon.
The apple tree – now 1m high. And YES, they are GREEN PEPPERS. It`s Sogog`s first bell pepper plant.


Green Project contest – Big celebration!

On Saturday, Ulaanhus soum`s annual Green project contest took place again. Several community members gathered to have a look at the several green projects of 25 community gardeners and 6 organizations in the villages of Ulaanhus soum.  Among the supporters of the green projects in this region are our NGO and ADRA NGO.




After viewing all the gardens and vegetable exhibits in the ceremony hall, the awards were distributed.


Sogog`s Bal-bobek kindergarten


Sogog`s school



  In the category `organizations` all our green projects earned a rank! We are very happy for the winners:

                                                1st place – Bal-bobek kindergarten (1Sogog)

                                 2nd place – Ulaanhus kindergarten

                    3rd place – Sogog`s school

 In the category `community gardeners` our head gardener Zukhai was awarded the 2nd place. Furthermore, Tavis Jumakhan, `Source of Steppe Nomads` board member, was awarded a special award for his plantation of a community tree park in Sogog. Congratulations!!!


The Sogog winning team

 Next week, our green project gardeners will take part in an exhibition held in Ulgii (1capital village of Bayan-Ulgii aimag). We wish them good luck and keep our fingers crossed!

This year`s first big harvest

 The weather is cooling down, especially in the areas located on a higher altitude in the Altai mountains. (1In UB, there even fell a tiny bit of snow already.)

That`s why the school, kindergarten and clinic of Sagsai and Dayan (1the coldest areas where we are running green projects) harvested their vegetables. There are loads of cucumbers, potatoes, carrots and turnips for the coming education year – altogether they harvested 7 tons of vegetables!!!


The cucumbers, already jarred


Potato harvest



Carrots and turnips

Green news from Khizil-Kharin, Sagsai and Sogog

The cucumbers in Sogog and Khizil-Kharin keep on growing fast and steadily, so that the jarring of cucumbers has become a regular event.



We took a look underground at the potatoes in Sagsai:

Vegetable jarring workshop for the cooks of Ulaanhus kindergarten

Last week, a workshop on vegetable jarring was held for the cooks of Ulaanhus kindergarten as it is the kindergarten`s first growing season.

During the workshop


Sagsai`s jarred cucumbers



The cooks jarring cucumbers on their own after the workshop


This year, apart from the cucumbers, the kindergartens are also growing the necessary herbs for the jarring themselves.



Cucumbers in kg










 Sagsai KG`s greenhouse


Sogog school`s greenhouse


Ulaanhus KG`s greenhouse


Ulaanhus KG`s greenhouse