Vegetable jarring workshop for the cooks of Ulaanhus kindergarten

Last week, a workshop on vegetable jarring was held for the cooks of Ulaanhus kindergarten as it is the kindergarten`s first growing season.

During the workshop


Sagsai`s jarred cucumbers



The cooks jarring cucumbers on their own after the workshop


This year, apart from the cucumbers, the kindergartens are also growing the necessary herbs for the jarring themselves.



Cucumbers in kg










 Sagsai KG`s greenhouse


Sogog school`s greenhouse


Ulaanhus KG`s greenhouse


Ulaanhus KG`s greenhouse


Children are helping to water the green projects

Some of the communities` children are helping to water the trees and vegetables of the school and kindergarten during their summer vacation.


Khizil-Kharin Sogog kindergarten`s cucumbers

After three months, Kulshash came back to Sogog to control the green project of the kindergarten. Her workers and the workers of our NGO who helped to take care of the vegetables while she was sick did a good job. She almost cried when she saw how big the trees, vegetables and herbs have become. The cabbages, turnips, onions, tomatoes and herbs are growing very well.




Sogog kindergarten


Sogog kindergarten

Ulaanhus kindergarten


Sogog school


Ulaanhus kindergarten


Sagsai school`s vegetable field

Sagsai clinic`s vegetable field