Rural area and suburb of city always stuck with everything.


Rural area and suburb of city always stuck with everything. One of them is Sogog secondary school which has 750 students 70% from herdsmen families. During the education year these students live at the dormitory. This time Rustic generous support reached at this school to repair classroom floor with GEFLOR French floor covering. School doesn’t have enough budget to paint classrooms and even floor is no plat because of that students always have ankle damages. Six years old students study at this classroom! We painted one classroom’s wall and floor and put GEFLOR floor covering on another classroom.  
Their generous support continued to teach locals ,their culture and to help to develop local students’ English speaking. Today, English is second language of Mongolians. If they know English well they can find job in the future. So reason why we are teaching them English to think bright life for coming generation. There are no clubs and students are very shy! So, communicating and playing with them is the biggest communication to help them to improve their speaking and vocabulary ! They also made mud block which will be used to build storage to keep their animal meat during the winter time. It means it will be used as refrigerator starting November to beginning of May. Then last months it will be used as a food storage  
Another informant project is to stop desertification. Students made special support to plant seeds which grows at the dry and sand area. Together local students Rustic students transport sands then plant seeds on it. We proud of both local students as well Rustic, students and staff:-) !!! 
In the evening Rustic students taught local girls how to make wristband. All of them loved so much to learn new thing even cooks and local mangers learned from them!!! It is really new idea!!! 

Year by year locals also learning and developing their forgotten cultures to show Rustic students. Thanks to Rustic collaboration we also have revived some forgotten unique cultures. Rustic students also tried to milking camel, to ride camel as well had a picture with Golden Eagle. Little 4 years girl showed us how to hunting with Eagle and falcon.Also Eagle hunter told us about Eagle history!!! Every evening local students played soccer and balleyball with Rustic students.It was really good summer time activities for locals.

We appriciated Rustic students.They are amazing!!!  

After service days we traveled to Tavan Bogd National park. While hiking we enjpyed scenery of nature flora and fauna as well scnow sacpped mountains. 
We visited one of the special area where has 10.0000 phetrogloyps which descrives how was inhabitants life style in 2000 years ago. Now, Tuba families live at this theritory .Their language and culture , religion is different. Together Rustic and local kids played with Tag-of war and students shoot with archery!!! 
Rustic students donated AID food and warm cloths which sent by Myster 1, Mystery 2 , OTM1 , OTM 2 and Rustic China and Mongolian Country director Amanda! We proud of with Rustic and its amazing generous directors , leaders and students!!!