Dearest Amanda and Rustic Phatways all staff and students


Dearest Amanda and Rustic Phatways all staff and students,

It’s harder and harder these days to get the number of volunteers we need—but you made time in your busy schedule to step up. Thank you so much! There are a lot of families who don’t have a roof over their heads. This house was built inexpensive, but quality, durable , completed with electricity and heating system by Rustic students’ support could be the ticket to Mr.Muhan getting back to on their feet. He was so happy when he met Rustic students and staff. He lives with his wife, a girl and waiting their new infant in coming September. They are so happy to have a new warm house before delivering their another baby!

Rustic always be inspire to locals and specialy for young generation!

SSN NGO board members , neighbors and relatives of Mr.Muhan made special table to express their gratitude from deepest bottom of their heart to generous , kindly support of Rustic students as well directors of Rustic and staff. We appreciated students hard work and generous support! Also they wished all of them happiness and success of their study and safety trip back to their parents!    
Their generous support continued to teach locals their culture and to help to develop local students’ English speaking. Today, English is second language of Mongolians. If they know English well they can find job in the future. So reason why we are teaching them English to think bright life for coming generation. There are no clubs and students are very shy! So, communicating and playing with them is the biggest communication to help them to improve their speaking and vocabulary !   

After 6 days service we had started another important travel days which is very special for us and for students. We proud of our culture, nature as well Rustic generous staff and students. We traveled to local herdsmen families to see their life stile. Little herder girl who is only 4 years old whose name is Aygerim showed as how to teach Eagle for hunting and how herders move by camel support from a place to another camp/ actually herdsmen families move four times a year/

We also donated AID food for 5 more families who do not have any income resource and they are new couples.    

We traveled to Tavan Bogd national park which is one of the tourist attractive area where mostly live one of Mogolian ethnic group that calls “Tuva”. Their culture and language is different then Mongolian and Kazakh. Together Rustic and Tuva students also had special event at there .They shoot archery and did tag-of war with locals…etc.    
While hiking students enjoyed beauty of nature with flora and fauna as well glacier   
Last day, local students made performance by expressing their gratitude as well rustic students . In the evening we had dinner at the one of SSN NGO board members’ house! God bless you!!!