During the economic goes down after COVID-19, every household facing economic crisis. We organized trainings under the target handmade soap market for ten local ladies. In addition, all needed materials and raw materials were donated which they cannot find in local markets

Today, household useful products cost has been increased a day by day due to increased cost of gas and petrol.

Fits of all, due to reduce or support target families’ outcomes it was the decision to train ladies how to make soap by using the eco materials whatever day have such as fats from their animal’s meat is their main dish so they have a lot of fat that they cannot use for cooking, therefore, blueberry, strawberry and other berries from nature. The ladies have been learned how to create or make their family soap classifying under their family members’ skin care who has allergy or sensitive skin…etc

Secondly, they can improve their family income by negotiation or trade off indoor local markets

Finally, they can donate to others who needed their hand made products or they make birthday gifts to their relatives or their belonged ones.