Thanks to Rustic Pathways Mystery 1

Thanks to Rustic Pathways Mystery 1 we organized various sport activities including traditional team games / such as Tag-of –war and wrestling as well crafts games between local and Rustic students.  

  In addition Rustic students also helping to herdsmen families to keep their traditional customs .For showing Rustic students they have revived some forgotten unique customs. Therefore, young ladies learning how to make tasty cousin. Many local youths had a job during last two months. Thanks to Rustic collaborating students find their tuition, parents found their children’s school supplies, winter preparation as well local kids had unforgettable summer time with learning various things as inspiration that is very important ..etc   
 Last day, expressing their gratitude from deepest bottom of their heart to generous Rustic students and staff, be half of Sogog and Ulaankhus community t, we have special event at the one of NGO board member house where we had Kzakh’s traditional meal which calls “Bes Barmakh”.”.