Thanks to our Netherland, Donors support we had extended Dental Care campaign till 2021.


This, years the first season campaign started 14.March 2018.Dentists and assistances had worked for 4 days on examination and treatments of dental cavities also how to brush tooth with right way training for kindergarten and school children in Ulaankhus soum/ district/ and Sogoog bagh / sub-district / with the sponsorship and support of the Source of Steppe Nomads, NGO collaborating contract with Health Center in Ulgii.

All together 1193 children participated at this examination from them about 48.95 percent are under the 2-5 ages 584 children and  about 51,04 percent are between 7-17 ages 609 children. It is biggest and momentous support to rural children and community to be healthy because all disease infects from dental cavities .

              Sogoog Kindergarten

                                                 Sogoog Dormitory

                                                 Ulaankhus kindergarten