SSN NGO held successfully Oral hygiene and healthy tooth


SSN NGO held successfully “Oral hygiene and healthy tooth ” compotation last period of drawing and performance among the Bal-Bobek kindergarten in Sogog and central kindergarten in Ulaankhus as well as Ulaankhus and Sogog dormitory kids

 Propose of performance to give message to parents and other kids about to have healthy tooth and how to protect their tooth!

During the kindergarten performance 

Team of Judge

During the Dormitories kids performance…J  


Ulaankhus kindergarten  team got  1st and  3rd awards with Golden and Bronze medals, certificate , tooth past, tooth brush to all classmates and money do complete missing Hygiene supplies to their classroom.

And Bal-Bobek kindergarten team got  2nd awards with Silver medal certificate , tooth past,  tooth brush to all classmates and money do complete missing Hygiene supplies to their classroom.

Finally, both Sogog dormitory and Bal-Bobek kindergarten were awarded “ The Best organization” working with kids and parents about protect their kids tooth and avoide eathing wrong diet as well contoling their kids brushing tooth.Sogog dormitory was awarded with  180 p.c tooth paste and tooth brush and Balbobek kindergarten was awarded with 150 p.c tooth paste and tooth brush underd kids number.  
 gratitude behalf of whole communities and NGO staff,  for collobrating to all International Donors Sepecaily Dampus Foundation,Friends of SSN in Mongolia NGO , Laurantioan University  and local Oranizations as well as,   gave “Gatitude ” certificate to Mrs.Lkagvasuren , Dentist and her assistand Mrs.Almagul, who worekd a year to examinated local kids tooth from Centeral Clinic in Ulgii.  
 ï»¿Also, SSN NGO board members expressed their graititude and put on a traitional “ Garment” to Donors and voluntees from Netheralnd.  
Johannes Vlijmen gave a speech and talked result of project propose run successfully and extended one more year “Oral Hygein and Health” tooth project at these area.