Between 11-14Sep Oral hygiene campaign 2nd period has been done successfully!


“Oral hygiene ”campaign 2nd period has been done successfully! This project has being implemented a year in  Bal-Bobek kindergarten in Sogog and central kindergarten in Ulaankhus as well as Ulaankhus and Sogog dormitory kids and teenagers under the support of Damps Foundation, Friends of Source of Steppe Nomads  in Mongolia NGO in Netherland and Sours of Steppe Nomads NGO. Also, Mr.Johannes Vlijmen ,Dentist with his wife Mrs.Patrica as well Mr.Paul Edwin, Dear board member of Damps Foundation and  Mrs. Lkhagvsuren, Dentist and her assistant Mrs. Almagul ,Central Clinic in Ulgii and other volunteers worked 4 days and exanimate all together 445 kids and adults