Dental Care examination 3rd period has being run successfully!


Between 13-16 March.2017 “Dental Care “  examination 3rd period  has being run successfully at Ulaankhus soum and Sogog baghs , Bayn-Ulgii aimag. This time kindergarten and dormitory kids were examined  and taught how to wash with right way their tooth by Dentist  Mrs. Lhagvasuren and her assistant nurse.

Our main propose is to reduce tooth cavities and toothache among the children and to be become habitual kids to brush their tooth ! Most of the time kids stay in the kindergarten the  reason why to teach how to brush their tooth again.So there is main role of kindergarten teachers and parents to help their kids to control and push to brush  their tooth with right way not less then 3 times a day! Therefore, adults also participated tooth examination again! All participants got free tooth paste and tooth brushes! Altogether 348 children and 28 adults participated this time.

Both areas local communities expressed their gratitude from the bottom of their heart to Netherland Donors, SSN NGO all staff and special for Dentist  Mr. Johannes Vlijmen and all his colleague  who really helped us to implement this project. And SSN NGO  local team worked hard and successfully! Good job guys!                       Thank you…!!!:-)