Generous contribution towards 27th general school Cultural Event Hall repair.



I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Rustic Pathways collaboration! Together last 3 years me made a lot of changes of remote and isolated western community better life and their children’s future education development. Today, we also focus our projects implementation to help suburb children’s education and better life.


This time, we has implemented our project at 27 generals school which calls “Amaglan Complex A, is located on the edge of UB city in one of the most populous districts. Students come from four nearby neighborhoods to study in a building that was originally built in 1976 for military use. Few upgrades have been made since then, even though the two attached buildings serve more than 2700 students. Many of the students are underprivileged, orphaned, or come from very poor backgrounds.


The room was so cold before and the school does not have extra rooms to develop children’s extra captivities to develop themselves. Students are putting up felt wallboard and laying laminated floorboards, making the room an aesthetically pleasing place where students can practice and perform cultural arts like music, drama, or dance during the education year. In Mongolia, the government and many International organizations often offers monetary Awards to winners of different cultural competitions. Currently, students at this school are at a disadvantage in these competitions, because they do not have a comfortable space to practice and perform in. Once we complete the renovation of the Multipurpose Room, underprivileged students can use the space to develop their skills, which will give them a better chance at winning cultural competitions and using the funds to enhance their education.


On behalf of SSN board members, staff and 27th general school all staff, community would like to extend our gratitude from deepest bottom of our heart to Rustic Pathways all staff and Singapore school of America students and teachers’ generous contribution towards 27th general school Cultural Event Hall repair.


Without your generosity, it would not have been possible for this event to be as successful as it was.When we come together as a community, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. 


Your hard work and donation made it possible for our students enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere to develop themselves.


The Rustic and Singapore school of America take great pride in being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for our families and community, and a strong advocate for the education and well being of every child.

Your generosity has made a tremendous impact in our mission by allowing us to continue our work in supporting our children and their development. 

We truly appreciate your support and donation!!!

27th school talented students expressing their gratitude to SA school all volunteer students and teachers as well as Rustic and SSN NGO staff. SA school students are singing …

After hard work!!! It was so nice to sitting like that.

And Cultural Event Hall is  so warm and sun shinningJ                 

Hanging address
During volunteer work… while lying laminated floor boards and gluing felt boards on the well to be warm inside room!