25.June, two kindergarten opened in 6th bagh of Ulaankhus sum that calls Dayan bagh

25.June, two kindergarten opened in 6th bagh of Ulaankhus sum that calls “ Dayan” bagh under the support of Mongolian government , FSSN NGO and its Donors and SSN NGO. Those baghs’ nomads herders’ kids are able to group up and will be educated in the safety place with lots of happiness!:) . Each kindergarten consists with two parts. One of them is used as a kitchen and another one is used as a playing and sleeping room. All kids so excited for playing with funny toys and comfortable place where has warm atmosphere. 40 children can participate on it.
Building Kindergartens
Mr. Aigul , Head of Ulaankhus kindergarten made opening speech. Then SSN NGO representative made speech and wished “ Good luck” for kids education! and local herders participate on it.
Kids are happy playing with toys and so excited It is the first time kids are coming to the kindergarten so some of them crying when they are leaving from their mummy. Hope, they will be happy being at here soon!:)
Break time Having milk tea and taking bread with jam.
Some kids have not used to sleep for a nap.Hope soon they will be:) They are so exciting and suprising for everything they see 🙂


Result of opening the teachers skill and methodology…

Result of opening the teachers skill and methodology development room at the Ulannkhus sum kindergarten!
Ulaankhus sum kindergarten teachers are preparing the teaching and physical room materials by hand ,using materials that can find easily and are used on their daily life. The materials are also very useful for kids health. There are red salt and sand on the box where kids walk. Mrs .Galar is a mythology teacher who prepared all of that. She is also showing us how she prepared fans supplies using white bucket of flour!:)You can find it at every household in the rural area.
Rubber lids are also glued on the blanket for being softer massage supplies! Kids like to walk on it!:)
Wishing luck for teachers’ knew ideas! Hope it develops faster !
Using sheep and goats ankle bone they prepared little food massage supplies which little bit stronger comparing rubber lids!:(1
It is the result of opening teachers methodology and teaching skill development room ‘s thanks to FSSN NGO and SSN NGO .Kids really love exercising with these tools. They are exciting …:)


Starting April ,All trees were checked which planted since 2009.

Starting April ,All trees were checked which planted since 2009. Under the this campainge many diead trees treeded by following ways!And every trees were marked between 5-0 marks.Also hanged up following instruct info on the trees …

The mark 1 shows a tree is a life . Maybe If we follow up it has possibility to group…which need more care…
Various flowers have being planted Growing !

Under the campaign many trees started to grow again!

Since April gardeners rush hour started

Since April gardeners rush hour started because all SSN NGO green projects have started which are being implemented on the areas same as previous years!
Transplanting greenhouse seeds Transporting manure
Planting animal seeds… Families are receiving potatoes, onion, carrot, turnip and animals seeds…
The winter greenhouse seeds replanted again on April.



Exhibition of Eco-club children and campaign of Ulaankhus sum kindergarten done successfully.

In March 2014, after receiving drawing supplies Eco club children’s art exhibition opened successfully thanks to SSN NGO and Mr. Geer Postma support. Everyone who participated at this exhibition , was so happy to see children art work. Children described air pollution, growth, global warming, four season, desertification and live of nomads ..etc.

Erbolat’s drawing got first award. He studies 9th grade of Oygor secondary school in Sogoog.

Ulaankhus kindergarten organized many activities to develop teachers skills how to work with children. They gave instruction using supplies of donated by SSN NGO to all teachers from 5 baghs.
Thanks to SSN NGO and Mr. Geer Postma support. They organized many activities and campaign and compotation with parents participation to develop children’s interest and IQ. During the campaign they taught to children who are the 5 years old how to play cheese ,how to tell wishes and taught other traditional games, song and poem to 2-4 years old children… Before Naurs Holiday .They organized compotation and gave awards to children. Also parents gave them courage.



In March SSN team worked in Dayan 7th bagh of Ulaankhus soum.

In March SSN team worked in Dayan 7th bagh of Ulaankhus soum.
However, roads were covered with snow and had a lot’s of difficult we managed to reach center of Dayan bagh. On the way to Dayan we met Nomads who were moving to their autumn camp. Starting end of February till end of March is the hard time because their animals start to give a birth. Those month they need help!
We had meeting with nomads. Shared their happiness! Old herdsmen nomads expressed their gratitude to SSN NGO and it’s donors. Thanks to Mr. Geert Postma support we distributed AID foods for poor herdsmen families and thanks to Canadian donors we distributed tooth paste and tooth brush for poor herdsmen families.
Nomads also helped SSN team to guide the roads. Some families we delivered aid foods by motorbike some families aid food were delivered by horse because of road difficulties.
Children are happy receiving a lot’s of food before” Naurze “ Holiday! SSN team also happy for sharing their happiness! 
Herdsmen families feeding baby animals by bottle of milk! Host family gave twin lamb! In he morning we were so Happy!:)

Sogoog eco-club children are going to open an art exhibition

Sogoog school eco-club children are going to open an joint art exhibition on March 14. By support of SSN NGO. We provided art club talented children with drawing supplies. Helping to children who has ability to draw and to keep development of their art heritage is one of our mission. Goal of opening this an art exhibition is to express their environmental feelings and explain how to protect their nature , to other people by drawing on papers. Hope, soon will be reported what is going on …Wish them luck!:)



“Teacher’s methodology development ” cabinet was opened at Ulaankhus sum kindergarten.

This year, SSN NGO running a campaign "To develop teachers methodology skills". The Reason why we are running this campaign is to prepare educated and good behavior children from kindergarten. The children’ behavior and education starts from kindergarten for that affects teachers’ experience and skills. By Support of Mr.Geert Postma and SSN NGO ” Teachers’ methodology development” cabinet was opened and provided with technical supplies such as computer, printer, projector and with it’s special board…etc at Ulaankhus kindergarten.
Using those supplies teachers are exchanging and discussing their daily programs and children are also watching funny cartoon’s and learning many science programs under the their age.
Investment of children education is very important for their future generation!
Good luck for all of them!:)




What is doing SSN NGO health team right now?

SNN NGO have been organizing the campaign calls “Health care and Vitaminise” for a month. The goal is to protect nomads before getting sick because the weather is very changeable in here because of that various flu infects very fast. Sogog bagh mobile doctor is working with SSN NGO health team. They are visiting to herdsmen families for giving them advise, vitamins and other medicines if they needed, under the control of doctor’s. Thanks to SSN NGO and it’s donors support all together 150 adults, pregnant and 300 children received free vitamins and medicines defending their diagnostic. The camping is still running.
Mr.Serikbol, 4th bagh mobile doctor and Mrs.Kulshash ,SSN board member are receiving the aid medicines
Mobile doctor is checking children’ health and giving them medicines


Sogog school children are learning a boxing! Wish them luck!

Sogog school children and gym teachers’ dream had being come true thanks to Mr. Daniel Cote’s and SSN NGO support. Herdsmen families come to see how to their children preparing for boxing, whose children live at the Dormitory of Sogog school. All of them are happy to see them! They spent one day unforgettable!
The herdsmen families hope their children will be participate at the World Box Competition in the future! Wish them luck!:)