Result of opening the teachers skill and methodology…

Result of opening the teachers skill and methodology development room at the Ulannkhus sum kindergarten!
Ulaankhus sum kindergarten teachers are preparing the teaching and physical room materials by hand ,using materials that can find easily and are used on their daily life. The materials are also very useful for kids health. There are red salt and sand on the box where kids walk. Mrs .Galar is a mythology teacher who prepared all of that. She is also showing us how she prepared fans supplies using white bucket of flour!:)You can find it at every household in the rural area.
Rubber lids are also glued on the blanket for being softer massage supplies! Kids like to walk on it!:)
Wishing luck for teachers’ knew ideas! Hope it develops faster !
Using sheep and goats ankle bone they prepared little food massage supplies which little bit stronger comparing rubber lids!:(1
It is the result of opening teachers methodology and teaching skill development room ‘s thanks to FSSN NGO and SSN NGO .Kids really love exercising with these tools. They are exciting …:)