Exhibition of Eco-club children and campaign of Ulaankhus sum kindergarten done successfully.

In March 2014, after receiving drawing supplies Eco club children’s art exhibition opened successfully thanks to SSN NGO and Mr. Geer Postma support. Everyone who participated at this exhibition , was so happy to see children art work. Children described air pollution, growth, global warming, four season, desertification and live of nomads ..etc.

Erbolat’s drawing got first award. He studies 9th grade of Oygor secondary school in Sogoog.

Ulaankhus kindergarten organized many activities to develop teachers skills how to work with children. They gave instruction using supplies of donated by SSN NGO to all teachers from 5 baghs.
Thanks to SSN NGO and Mr. Geer Postma support. They organized many activities and campaign and compotation with parents participation to develop children’s interest and IQ. During the campaign they taught to children who are the 5 years old how to play cheese ,how to tell wishes and taught other traditional games, song and poem to 2-4 years old children… Before Naurs Holiday .They organized compotation and gave awards to children. Also parents gave them courage.