On September 15th

2012, Vegetable filed harvest in Ulaankhus, Zastap and Sogog kindergartens and Sogog school had finished successfully end of last week!
On September 15 local harvest “ The Green Land “competition to give courage and to increase number of interests between organization and community was held at the Ulaankhus sum. This competition was organized by local government ,ADRA and SSN NGO which have being implemented the green project at this territory. They participated with various planted vegetables , planted trees and berries at their garden. Local governor , gardeners and other representatives of NGO’s visited at the community and organizations’ vegetable filed and tree gardens. Finally under the discussion of judge the local governor Mr.Tachken was handed awards to this year’s hard working winner gardeners. Community gardens and organizations which awarded first and second prizes, have run the green projects under the support of SNN NGO since 2009.
Greenhouse fruits are still growing well.