Last week, harvest of School garden started.

Sogog school children are helping to harvest. It is a good opportunity for them to see where vegetables come from and how they are grown.
SNN NGO gardeners Mr. Zukhai and Mr. Kenjeby as well as Sogog School accountant are weighing the potato harvest.
Sogog kindergarten garden field harvest also started last week. Cucumbers continue to be harvested almost daily to provide nutritious snacks for the school children.
New vegetables planted this year grew successfully!
SNN volunteer taught dormitory and kindergarten cookers how to cook and use new vegetables for food. Children also liked to eat these delicious vegetables. Yummy!
New education year started on the 1st of September. Local governor and SSN NGO organized opening ceremony to give welcome and to give courage to new and old students. Mr Tavis, mayor of Sogog bagh and SSN NGO board members gave a report to the community about implementing SNN projects and also congratulated the students. It is the only opportunity for all of the community to come together after a long summer time. All of the nomadic herdsmen families moved and separated to following the pasture. Now they have returned to begin the school year and to prepare for winter. After the speeches, young students sang the Mongolian national anthem and grandmothers made a "shashu"!
During the celebrations, children participated in foot races, wrestling and horse races!
At the end of the days celebrations, winners were awarded by SNN NGO and Local governor !
Kindergarten, elementary and secondary class teachers were given calendars donated by Mr.Geert Postma for the new education year.
Thanks to Netherland donors the Sogog kindergarten winter green house is being constructed and should be ready for planting very soon.