Wow! Community have a smile on their face when they saw the replanted seeds are growing well! It bring us happiness!!!:).So… nice!

 Sogog school vegetable field.
 Wow ! So nice to see Seabacktonberry trees were planted at the Sogog school vegetable field in 2009 , starded to give fruits starting this year!!!  Aspens and will willows are at the Sogog school field.
 Other vegetables are growing well
 The fruits zucchini, eggplant, watermelon, cucumber and  tomatoes,   which replanted inside greenhouse, are growing well ;however, most of fruits were eaten by mice. It is so nice to see growing fruits and communities are so happy to see replanted seeds and rest fruits are growing well!:).They were so sad when they saw the fruits were eaten by mice! Now, they are smiling 
 Bok choy and Spinach were dried by school cookers.
 Sogog kindergarten some herbs have being dried and others have being jarred!:)
 This week  54 kg cucumbers were  jarred from Sogog kindergarten greenhouse.
 Ulaankhus kindergarten vegetable field.
 Two days work shop was held at  the Ulaankhus kindergarten for cookers and to other interests about how to jar and dry radishes, bok choy, black turnip, spinach, leek and…etc:)
 Zastap vegetable field.
 Zastap vegetables are good growing and cucumber harvest are picking up!!!