88 school


Between 8-9.Nobember 2017, Western Island , Rustic Pathways and SSN NGO have focused main humanitarianin the village as well in city. Because of isolate and there is not any organization to organize any kind of activities for students and children in this village. Only organization which is worked with students is this school. Unfortunately, there are not enough rooms at this school to organize extra free time activities for students even they do not have GYM since last 9 years!!! The projects which have implemented successfully is to repair / fully change unused rooms or space as rooms!

Before During
During the service

After 2 days hard work at the number 88 school students one of dream is to have “Student journalist” room which is fully repaired / starting ceiling, wall, curtain, light and floor/ thanks to Rustic Pathways and Western Island school students as well team leaders generous humanitarian support! Main propose of to have this room is to help students to be social. There are a lot of ability children because of shy and living in the removed area they always can not participate any kind of computations in city! The second room was also fully repaired / ceiling, wall, light and floor/ .This room will be used for student’s “Mentality development” room .We called this room as “Chess” room where various mentality classes and activities will be taught to students!!!

Before During
The third room for under the age between 6-8 grade students rest room also repaired and provided with sofa, table and drinking water system thanks to generous hard working volunteers and Donors! This is the one of the most useful room for this village young age kids!!!  
 ï»¿Before  ï»¿During
 ï»¿After hard work students enjoying with fresh air and scenery of town !  
 ï»¿They finished all projects before on time but they still did extra service works for 88 school students!  
 ï»¿Both volunteers and local students had discussion day! It was also rely helpful day to local students to practices their speaking English!  
 Cleaning the area where chessboard will be done!  
 After service work Sh.Gerle, principle of number 88 school and students expressed their gratitude from deepest bottom of their heart be half of all students and teachers to students of Western Island school as well program leaders, Rustic and NGO staff.  
 ï»¿Thank you so much for everything you did for us and our future generation!!! Rustic is the one of the best organization that gives HAPPY and BRIGHT live to youths !!! Local students expressed their gratitude and gave small gifts to them!!!