This year , everywhere is very cold in Mongolia


This year , everywhere is very cold in Mongolia. The weather forecast had reported that it would be cold that never happened in last 10 years. Last week it was till -30°. The class room was cold however we used two electric heating at the room but it was still cold. We were waited special heating system guys to connect heating with public heating system. They were busy to connect the kindergarten and dormitory underground heating systems!


Luckily the heating system guys come to last week to connect Training center to public heating system. They worked 4 days just to dig de ground. It was not easy for them to dig the ground at the cold weather and the ground already frozen. But they managed all hard work successfully! We wish them success be half of all students for their future work!!!


Now, students are Smiling and Happy !!! Why…?


They are learning Mongolian and English language at the warm room without wearing their coats!