Parents Impression of Dayan bagh summer kindergarten


Ashar: “ We are so happy for opening summer kindergarten at the Dayan bagh” We would like to express our gratitude to all Foreign Donors and Mrs. Lena Khazidolda, head of Source of Steppe Nomads NGO who helped to provide summer kindergarten inside supplies on behalf of Dayan bagh community. Before, all herdsmen families children who spent their childhood at home without learning anything, never go to the kindergarten in their life. Going to this kindergarten they have learned many new things such as poems, a lot’s of songs , drawing picture…etc. All of these wonderful things happened for us thanks to Mrs. lena Khazidolda , all foreign donors ,local governor and head of local kindergarten.
Wish you success on your business and all the best in the world!

Other parents impression “Before, never happened this kind of things to our kids childhood memories. It is the first time and big chance opening kindergarten for herdsmen families children to grow up safety place and to be educate, using modern teaching supplies. Now, our kids have learned many exciting things at there such as singing a song, read a poem, telling funny tales and stories, drawing picture, dancing …etc ;therefore found a lots of new friend. Parents are felling good for taking out a lot of heavy work from back of their kids in their childhood while sending them to kindergarten.
We would like to express our gratitude to all donors and Mrs .Lena Khazidolda ,who helped to run this kindergarten .”We wish success on her business ,happiness and all the best in the world “ on be half of whole Dayan bagh community.
Hope we collaborate and will be done best supports for our kids education.

Impressions from community of Dayan bagh