Source of Steppe Nomads NGO opened English and Mongolian language training center

Source of Steppe Nomads NGO opened English and Mongolian language training center under the extending develovement of education in remoted area.Thanks to FSSN NGO, nomads children’s dream to learn English is come true. Now 40 childrene are participating at this traning. Nomdas children from poor families have studied free tution at there.
Beginning of September our training children had warm atmosphere and a comfortable opportunity to learn English and other activities. Classrooms have been provided with new modern teaching supplies and desks.

Summer time ,children had grammar, speaking, writing , listening and practice class with foreign children ;therefore, they had compotation between sport, IQ, puzzle, and describing words . All children participated successful.

They read English poems and sing English songs. Finally girls danced traditional dance. It was funny for all of them. Together local kids and foreign kids sing “We are the world ” song. Leisure time, Playing soccer
Foreign kids are learning traditional handicrafts embroidery.

Foreign kids are teaching English class and correcting pronunciation of kids who are participating at SSN NGO training. However, it was short time it had high result.
Nomads children who are particating summer kindergarten and other homads children spent a day with foreigen kids.It was funny all of them to learn each other. Together , they made snow man:)



 Have a meeting with parents of NGO traning kids  Local kids have a lot of courage to Learn English. Very short time they show high result of leraning Englsh.
Finally all kids and local teachers who helped us to organize sport activitis ,received small gifts from Heda of NGO and Local organizations.Also, foreigen kids gave gifts to training kids who also handled hand making flowers, and drawings to foreigen kids. “We would like to express our gratitude to all foreigen donnors such as Rustic Pathways’ which collobrated with us to organize such an amazing activities and NGO Friends of SSN which heleped financtial budget to” on behalf of whole communities Ulaankhus, Dayan and Sogoog baghs.