Sogoog and Ulaankhus kids spent unforgettable 5 days with USA kids.

English class training center is opened under the SSN NGO support for Sogoog and Ulaankhus kids. The mission is to help students who want to improve their career in the future. Poor families children study at this training without tuition. During a month students learned many thins at participating this course. They performed to USA students what they learned during a month. We are proud of our students ! They read English poem very well and sing a English songs!
Both our students and USA students are sing a We are the world song!:)

Girls group dancing very well their traditional dance.
They spent a day playing table tennis, volleyball and basketball! Kids were so happy spending a day with foreigen kids. Thanks to Rustic Pathways ,our kids spend 5 days with unforgotable!

USA students visited to Altan-Aray cooperative and learned how to sew their traditional handicrafts.

USA students helped the SSN green projects in Sogoog school and kindergarten!

Finally students visited to Altai –Tavan Bogd which is the biggest mountain and covered with glacier during the four seasons in the Mongolia.