Ulaankhus soum governor gave awards to “Source of Steppe Nomads” NGO and Mr. Geert Postma , SSN NGO’s long- term donor.

31.December.2013 on the event of new year lot’s of good events happened at the Ulaankhus soums community New Year’s eve. Mr. Sliambol Jankey, governer of Ulaankhus soum and Mr. Aibas Nabikhan, chairmen of the Administrative Office of the Local government gave award to “Sourceof State Nomads” NGO’ and to Mr. Geert Postma, SSN NGO’s long- term donor. On the awards written that“ Source of steppe nomads “ NGO successfully improving communities sustainable livelihood and supporting , motivating , extending humanitarian activities. Also, SSN NGO gave award to Mrs. Geert Postma for his long- term collaboration worked successfully that really helped to many herdsmen families children’s future generation and sustainable livelihood motivating , extending humanitarian activities.
This event was unforgettable to everyone. Mrs. Kulshash Semey received those both awards be half of Mr. Geert Postma and Source of Steppe Nomads NGO.