Our projects include:

Green and Food Security

In order to fight the malnourishment in the area, we have greenhouses where we grow vegetables, distribute it to schools and kindergartens, and educate locals on growing their own vegetables. We plant various types of trees in order to lessen the deforestation and desertification impacts.

To reduce child famine and improve household diet ingredients as well as to improve family income , the individual family vegetable gardening and long term greenhouses will be supported


To give equal access for the nomadic household children that live in remote regions.

To work on getting kids full access to attend kindergartens and schools, to support local schools and kindergartens to function sustainably

To organize capacity building trainings for teachers


To fight malnutrition

To develop preventive care

To improve healthcare for teenagers, women and children in remote areas

To improve physical treatments

To improve healthcare and people’s healthy habits

Herder assistant

Supporting herders who live isloated area, to protect their livestock from the natural disaster and ZUD.

Safety living condition:

To renovate and to build a house for families who are under the poverty line