Mrs. EnMrs.Enkhtsetseg Makes Fundraises Generous Birthday Donation for Sogoog Kindergarten and Dormitories

Renovation at School 88th

In 2018, at School Number 88, the walls of 6 classrooms have been insulated with Felt, PVC floor tiles were laid, a 100 square meter metal fence was put up, to protect the school
environment. A 420 square meter tile patio was laid in front of school by the hardworking staff and students of Kellett school, with generous support from the collaborating organizations Source of Steppe Nomads NGO and Rustic Pathways.

Dearest Amanda and Rustic Phatways all staff and students


Dearest Amanda and Rustic Phatways all staff and students,

It’s harder and harder these days to get the number of volunteers we need—but you made time in your busy schedule to step up. Thank you so much! There are a lot of families who don’t have a roof over their heads. This house was built inexpensive, but quality, durable , completed with electricity and heating system by Rustic students’ support could be the ticket to Mr.Muhan getting back to on their feet. He was so happy when he met Rustic students and staff. He lives with his wife, a girl and waiting their new infant in coming September. They are so happy to have a new warm house before delivering their another baby!

Rustic always be inspire to locals and specialy for young generation!

SSN NGO board members , neighbors and relatives of Mr.Muhan made special table to express their gratitude from deepest bottom of their heart to generous , kindly support of Rustic students as well directors of Rustic and staff. We appreciated students hard work and generous support! Also they wished all of them happiness and success of their study and safety trip back to their parents!    
Their generous support continued to teach locals their culture and to help to develop local students’ English speaking. Today, English is second language of Mongolians. If they know English well they can find job in the future. So reason why we are teaching them English to think bright life for coming generation. There are no clubs and students are very shy! So, communicating and playing with them is the biggest communication to help them to improve their speaking and vocabulary !   

After 6 days service we had started another important travel days which is very special for us and for students. We proud of our culture, nature as well Rustic generous staff and students. We traveled to local herdsmen families to see their life stile. Little herder girl who is only 4 years old whose name is Aygerim showed as how to teach Eagle for hunting and how herders move by camel support from a place to another camp/ actually herdsmen families move four times a year/

We also donated AID food for 5 more families who do not have any income resource and they are new couples.    

We traveled to Tavan Bogd national park which is one of the tourist attractive area where mostly live one of Mogolian ethnic group that calls “Tuva”. Their culture and language is different then Mongolian and Kazakh. Together Rustic and Tuva students also had special event at there .They shoot archery and did tag-of war with locals…etc.    
While hiking students enjoyed beauty of nature with flora and fauna as well glacier   
Last day, local students made performance by expressing their gratitude as well rustic students . In the evening we had dinner at the one of SSN NGO board members’ house! God bless you!!!    

Thanks to our Netherland, Donors support we had extended “Dental Care” campaign till 2021.


This, years the first season campaign started 14.March 2018.Dentists and assistances had worked for 4 days on examination and treatments of dental cavities also how to brush tooth with right way training for kindergarten and school children in Ulaankhus soum/ district/ and Sogoog bagh / sub-district / with the sponsorship and support of the Source of Steppe Nomads, NGO collaborating contract with Health Center in Ulgii.

All together 1193 children participated at this examination from them about 48.95 percent are under the 2-5 ages 584 children and  about 51,04 percent are between 7-17 ages 609 children. It is biggest and momentous support to rural children and community to be healthy because all disease infects from dental cavities .

              Sogoog Kindergarten

                                                 Sogoog Dormitory

                                                 Ulaankhus kindergarten


Together Family, Child and Youth Development Agency in Ulgii

Together Family, Child and Youth Development Agency in Ulgii and Source of Steppe Nomads NGO have organized successfully trainings that called “Parents  involvement in child development and protection and children’s right” among the parents/ communities/  and teachers of dormitory and kindergarten in Sogoog/ 3rd and 4th bagh/ , 6th and 7th baghs in Ulaankhus.

Parents and teachers of 7th and 8 baghs 
Parents and teachers of 3rd and 4th baghs 



41 school


We would like to express again our gratitude from deepest bottom of our heart to Amanda, Country director of China –Mongolia country and all staff of Rustic Pathways as well ASD school students and teachers , be half of 41 school students, staff and communities as well SSN NGO board members and staff!!! This time, together we did service at the 41 school at the Art Central Hall! We glued felt on the wall that will be insulation and will be warm atmosphere where 41 students to develop and to keep traditional cultures! Also, we gave budget to change curtain holder. In addition, it will be big support to school finance to keep some budget that was spent to paint the walls on previous years! We hope, starting next year that budget will be spent to develop other activists of 41 school students and communities. This is the only building at this district. So, local communities also celebrate various special events at this Hall, too! Such as “Tsagaan Sar “ Holiday, Teachers’ Day, The Elders’ Day as well Children’s Day..etc
 During the service 
 After service
  ï»¿Students also had discussion with Local students as well they leaned some Mongolian traditional ankle bone games and had Mongolian classes and English discussions. During the class time they leaned Mongolian greetings, numbers as well some students learned to write their name in Mongolian script! 
 Second Day students also leaned some Mongolian traditional culture   how to make Mongolian “Ger”. Mongolians are nomads so this” Ger” will be easy to transport and it is made by Eco products!!!   
 ï»¿ASD students were tried to play Mongolian traditionl musical insturment which calls “ Horse Head”  
 ï»¿On break time students played with local students!!! All of them were so Happy!:-)  
After hard work!!! Yeeep J  

After service work 41 school students and manager as well NGO expressed their gratitude by performing and gave small hand made gifts to DEAREST DONORS!!!

Together, ASD students and local students had free dance to stretch their body. Thank you so much always being with us!!!

We never ever forgot what Rustic Pathways  have done  so far to  Mongolian children  and its’ ethnic group children’s future generation! GOD BLESS YOU!!!



88 school


Between 8-9.Nobember 2017, Western Island , Rustic Pathways and SSN NGO have focused main humanitarianin the village as well in city. Because of isolate and there is not any organization to organize any kind of activities for students and children in this village. Only organization which is worked with students is this school. Unfortunately, there are not enough rooms at this school to organize extra free time activities for students even they do not have GYM since last 9 years!!! The projects which have implemented successfully is to repair / fully change unused rooms or space as rooms!

Before During
During the service

After 2 days hard work at the number 88 school students one of dream is to have “Student journalist” room which is fully repaired / starting ceiling, wall, curtain, light and floor/ thanks to Rustic Pathways and Western Island school students as well team leaders generous humanitarian support! Main propose of to have this room is to help students to be social. There are a lot of ability children because of shy and living in the removed area they always can not participate any kind of computations in city! The second room was also fully repaired / ceiling, wall, light and floor/ .This room will be used for student’s “Mentality development” room .We called this room as “Chess” room where various mentality classes and activities will be taught to students!!!

Before During
The third room for under the age between 6-8 grade students rest room also repaired and provided with sofa, table and drinking water system thanks to generous hard working volunteers and Donors! This is the one of the most useful room for this village young age kids!!!  
 ï»¿Before  ï»¿During
 ï»¿After hard work students enjoying with fresh air and scenery of town !  
 ï»¿They finished all projects before on time but they still did extra service works for 88 school students!  
 ï»¿Both volunteers and local students had discussion day! It was also rely helpful day to local students to practices their speaking English!  
 Cleaning the area where chessboard will be done!  
 After service work Sh.Gerle, principle of number 88 school and students expressed their gratitude from deepest bottom of their heart be half of all students and teachers to students of Western Island school as well program leaders, Rustic and NGO staff.  
 ï»¿Thank you so much for everything you did for us and our future generation!!! Rustic is the one of the best organization that gives HAPPY and BRIGHT live to youths !!! Local students expressed their gratitude and gave small gifts to them!!!


KVG school students did two days service at the 41 school thanks to organizing Rustic Pathways and SSN NGO.

KVG school students did two days service at the 41 school thanks to organizing Rustic Pathways and SSN NGO.During two days service they fully changed safety studying environment of 41 schools students.

During introduction

Main objective is to do service this school is to put eco-wooden floor at the GYM. To have eco-wooden floor was 6 years dream of all number 41 school students and teachers. Because their old floor has a lot of hole and a lot of movement because of that students often have an ankle injure. Exercising with sport is the most important part of to grow up healthy and to be strong! We are writing to express our deepest thanks to Collaborating with Rustic and created such an amazing helpful project everywhere in UB and western province in BU as well for your recent donation and service to school 41 school. Generous gifts from donors like you provided the financial and service work needed to continue of mission!

Also,students helped to put PVC floor cover at teachers room!

KGV students also helped to water trees that was planted in October!

Both School number 41 students and KGV students had English discussion time. During the discussion they exchanged culture of Hong Hong and Mongolia!

KGV students had information about Mongolian culture as well learned how to make and break down Mongolian “Ger” .

 After hard work KGV students and local students had a soccer .  
 Both principle and head of, 41 school and SSN NGO expressed their gratitude and gave gifts to all KGV students and staff for the memory of their service at school number 41 and Source of steppe nomads NGO.  



Kellet school students have volunteered for 2 days at the Amglan Complex school under the collaborating with Rustic Pathways and Source of Steppe Nomads NGO.

Kellet school students have  volunteered for  2 days at the Amglan Complex school under the collaborating with Rustic Pathways and Source of Steppe Nomads NGO.  

They brought happiness to more then thousand students as well provided with warm atmosphere and comfortable opportunity to students and staff of “Amglan “ Complex. 

During the introduction before start service work

1st floor
 3rd floor
4th floor
Biology cabinet 
Wrestling room    
Teachers room    
Importation room     
12е class room    
Making chess filed  in front of school    

“Amglan” Complex school principle, staff and students expresses their gratitude from the deep bottom of their heart to  Rustic Pathways, Kellet school principles, program leaders and students as well as Source of Steppe Nomads “ NGO for humanitarian support!!!

As well Kellet school students also performed dance! Together both school students had a fun!!!

All together 83 students and 11 staff helped  Amglan Complex school 4 year dream become true  in 2 days. Therefore  they supported food AID to 8 families whose children study at this school.