“Oral Hygiene” campaign had successfully implemented in rural area.

Covid-19 Has Created New Difficulties For Teenage Girls Living in Remote Areas

Preventing the Spread of Covid-19 in Ulaankhus Schools and Kindergartens

“Dental Care “examination 3rd period has being run successfully!


Between 13-16 March.2017 “Dental Care “  examination 3rd period  has being run successfully at Ulaankhus soum and Sogog baghs , Bayn-Ulgii aimag. This time kindergarten and dormitory kids were examined  and taught how to wash with right way their tooth by Dentist  Mrs. Lhagvasuren and her assistant nurse.

Our main propose is to reduce tooth cavities and toothache among the children and to be become habitual kids to brush their tooth ! Most of the time kids stay in the kindergarten the  reason why to teach how to brush their tooth again.So there is main role of kindergarten teachers and parents to help their kids to control and push to brush  their tooth with right way not less then 3 times a day! Therefore, adults also participated tooth examination again! All participants got free tooth paste and tooth brushes! Altogether 348 children and 28 adults participated this time.

Both areas local communities expressed their gratitude from the bottom of their heart to Netherland Donors, SSN NGO all staff and special for Dentist  Mr. Johannes Vlijmen and all his colleague  who really helped us to implement this project. And SSN NGO  local team worked hard and successfully! Good job guys!                       Thank you…!!!:-)


Before infecting cold in community , a local health team preventively examined local kids’ and adults’ health.

Before infected cold in local area the SSN health team preventively examined local kids and adults health. They donated free vitamins to kids who needed vitamin to prevent  and donated free medicines to sick kids and to sick adults as well as pregnant women to stop infecting cold, thanks to Honor Netherland Donors support! We are so grateful for Netherland  Donor’s  support  and are pleased to recognize your  donation in many ways. Friends who made generous donation to help SSN health team lifesaving mission. The health prevention project  has been successfully implemented so far…J




However ,they have poor background they are always smile and feel happy, each time when SSN team visit to see themJ

Local Doctor Mr.Serickbolat ï»¿ Dormitory doctor Mrs.Marzya


Report on dental examinations and treatments of dental cavities for kindergarten and school children in Ulaankhus soum (district) and Sogoog bagh (sub-district) with the support of the Source of Steppe Nomads NGO


Rural areas do not have a dental clinic. People in rural areas have a high risk of tooth decay because of the lack of clinics. If children have tooth cavities and toothache they usually just take medicines. If they have serious toothache, they go to the Dentist in the center of the aimag. It takes time and costs money to visit the dentist.

Thanks to support from Dr. Johannes Vlijmen, Stichting Dhampus (Dhampus Foundation) and colleagues of Source of Steppe Nomads NGO the project has been implemented twice in these areas with financial support from the Netherlands.

Bayan-Ulgii Health Department and Source of Steppe Nomads NGO organized Dental examination campaigns under the “Oral hygiene” and “Healthy Diet” between 7-10 December 2016 in Ulaankhus and Sogoog dormitory and kindergartens. Mr.Geert Postma’s Mongolian and English language training center students also participated.

The children’s dentist Ms T. Lkhagvasuren and her assistant and local kindergarten and dormitory doctors worked together as a project team. Everything was organized very well under the program. During the examination days, they treated teeth and provided other advice and information. This included advice on how to protect their teeth, avoid eating sweet foods and candies, and how important it is to eat healthy food. Classes on how to brush their teeth were also taught to them. We would like to express our gratitude to our HONORABLE DONORS AND THIS PROJECT TEAM.

In the examination days, 413 children from Ulankhuus soum and Sogoog bagh participated in the project. During the examination 246 teeth were removed, 43 tooth cavities were filled and 43 children’s teeth were treated, also during the project 100 children’s/ 250 and 160 teeth/ received fluoride and enamel treatment for 410 teeth.

This project will be held once every three months!!!



FSSN NGO and local team many kids and adults from Ulaankhus and Sogog have been treated their tooth and have been donated toothpaste and toothbrush…

Thanks to Mr. Epi Postma ,Dr.Johannes Stephanusmaria and Mrs. Astrid Wilhelmina , FSSN NGO and local team many kids and adults from Ulaankhus and Sogog have been treated their tooth and have been donated toothpaste and toothbrush…We would like to express our gratitude to Dr.Johannes Stephanusmaria and his team behalf of whole Sogog and Ulaankhus community.
Dr. Davagsuren taught kindergarten kids how to brush their tooth 3 times a day before treating them. They were so surprised when they see tooth teaching materials.



AID medicine campaign March- May.2016


Today number of children even adults has a lot of disease especial cold and morbilli. Every year SSN NGO organizes campaign under the “Vitaminize ” in spring. Because most of people and children feel tired and lose immunization so they get sick easily .This year NGO also has implemented this campaign again. Thanks to Netherland donors and FSSN NGO in Netherland , Sogog village is safety any outbreak of infectious disease and village community are receiving free medicines and vitamins…

Local communitey are expressing their gratitude to FSSN, Dear Donnors and SSN NGO. Thanks to their support village is safty from spread and infect disease!!!

All together 800 adults 400 children received this free medince under the doctors control and examination.

Patients are receiving free medicines and verifying a documents of SSN NGO free medicina.

End of the meeting Sogog school students made perpormace and Mr. Holganat handled ship that was made by Sogog school students, for gift for expressing their gratitude to All donors and SSN NGO staff be half of all students.We are handinling this gift to SSN NGO ‘’HONNOR DONNOR” in Netherland.



Historical room where pictures of Honor Donor’s of SSN NGO


Under the financial support of Oigor secondary school and Source of Steppe Nomads NGO as well local community support new renovated Museum opened in Sogoog bagh , Ulaankhus sum Bayan-Ulgii province. Many local people and herdsmen came to opening ceremony and expressing their gratitude to head of both organizations be half of local kids and communities.

It is the first Museum of Ulaankhus territory. It will be historical even students will be able to get historical, geography lesson in here.

Traditional wooden Ger in which all nomads’ herders household traditional wooden hand made items were put. Geography and Biology rooms were opened where you can find what kind of plants, grasses, barriers, bushes, rocks , birds are in Sogog territory.
Historical room where pictures of Honor Donor’s of SSN NGO and local honors who had worked hard to open Sogog bagh and Oigor secondary school and it’s development ,were hanged . And many pictures that shows what SSN NGO already have done and how it is effected this small Sogog bagh development.