Between the dates of July 5th and July 14th of 2019, Source of Steppe Nomads NGO carried out a renovation of the Amgalan complex school, in partnership with WEERT A, WEERT B, and BLVC college, from the Netherlands. Amgalan complex school has 156 teachers and 2294 students, and is located in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. The renovation focused on areas which would provide the most benefit to students and teachers, including the school’s classrooms, sports hall, and exterior. Outside the school, students worked together to build flowerbeds and retaining walls, making the yard safer and more comfortable. They also fixed desks and repaired chairs for the classrooms. Finally, in the sports hall, the students replaced the worn-out wooden floor with a brand new one. Since 2017, Source of Steppe has organized trips from the Netherlands to Mongolia. In the 2018-19 school year, we received 98 students and 5 teachers. Thanks to careful planning, our collaborations have been very successful. This project offers many positive opportunities to students of both schools. For Amgalan school students, the visiting Dutch students offer a great way to practice their English skills. While they collaborate and build friendships with foreign students, they also get a chance to learn about Dutch culture. Amgalan students engage in sports competitions with Dutch students, which, along with working together on school improvement projects, helps to grow their teamwork skills. Similarly, Dutch students have a chance to immerse themselves in Mongolian culture and language, learn to write in Mongolian script, and learn the history of the school. They are get a chance to befriend Mongolian students by engaging in both work and play. Finally, they are able to experience local day-to day family life during the homestay portion of their visit.