Canadian group come to Ulgii to support SSN NGO projects.

Mr.Darmen,Ulgii governor met with three researchers and 4 volunteers from Laurentian University of Canada, Mr. Kholganat, head of Sogoog school and Lena Khazidolda, president and manager of SSN NGO. The Ulgii governor gave his highest award to Mr. Sebastien Nault, advisor of SSN NGO projects implementation. He came back to Sogoog after 5 years with his university group.  
The entire Sogoog community participated at a meeting with SSN NGO boardmembers, it’s president, Ulanankhus soum governor, Ulgii governor, Sogog bagh mayor and the Canadian group. They talked about the result of 2012 NGO projects implementation. During the meeting many herdsmen families expressed their gratitude to SSN NGO and its donors. They gave a high score to the SSN NGO projects implementation, and said it is the only NGO currently working in isolated areas face to face with herdsmen families. Thanks to foreign donors we can get the necessary supports any time, through SSN NGO humanitarian projects. Also, they discussed and made plans for 2013 projects. Some old herdsmen gave suggestions for future projects for SSN NGO. After the meeting, a photo was taken with Sogoog community citizens, the Canadian group, the Ulgii and Ulaankhus governors, SSN NGO workers and board members. It was a great moment to all be photographed together.
This year, thousands of children were sick with mumps in Mongolia. From Sogoog 100 children were sick with mumps. it was controlled after SSN NGO and the Canadian group together organized an early detection system and gave instructions to school children with their parents on how to protect themselves and how to not infect others with mumps. Therefore, we tested all children’s health and analyzed the possibility of infection. The children who already were infected, were under the control of Dr. Marsya, SSN NGO doctor, and Dr. Seicbol, Sogoog bagh doctor. The Canadian group and SSN NGO organized a cleaning day to wash all the rooms of the dormitory and the furniture with chlorine, thus all classrooms, and everything in the school which are touched by children, have been cleaned.
One of the important aspects of proper hygiene is to wash ones hands in the right ways. So, teaching hand washing the right ways was implemented. Testing the student’s health was done in cooperation with the Canadian group.
They also had some sport classes to teach healthy lifestyle exercise with the Sogoog school children. They really enjoyed those classes.  
The Canadian group helped out to make a water channel in the Sogoog school vegetable field.  
Volunteers visited and donated warm clothes to herdsmen families of Dayan and Sogoog bagh of Ulaankhus soum Bayan-Ulgii aimag. 
“Healthy teeth” training was organized at the school and kindergartens, of Ulaankhus soum and Sogoog bagh by the Canadian group and SSN NGO. Toothpaste and toothbrushes were donated to Sogoog, Ulaankhus kindergarten children and Sogoog school children. 
Isolated area doctors are receiving medical supplies. Thanks to the Canadian group they got new clinical supplies.