Green Project contest – Big celebration!

On Saturday, Ulaanhus soum`s annual Green project contest took place again. Several community members gathered to have a look at the several green projects of 25 community gardeners and 6 organizations in the villages of Ulaanhus soum.  Among the supporters of the green projects in this region are our NGO and ADRA NGO.




After viewing all the gardens and vegetable exhibits in the ceremony hall, the awards were distributed.


Sogog`s Bal-bobek kindergarten


Sogog`s school



  In the category `organizations` all our green projects earned a rank! We are very happy for the winners:

                                                1st place – Bal-bobek kindergarten (Sogog)

                                 2nd place – Ulaanhus kindergarten

                    3rd place – Sogog`s school

 In the category `community gardeners` our head gardener Zukhai was awarded the 2nd place. Furthermore, Tavis Jumakhan, `Source of Steppe Nomads` board member, was awarded a special award for his plantation of a community tree park in Sogog. Congratulations!!!


The Sogog winning team

 Next week, our green project gardeners will take part in an exhibition held in Ulgii (capital village of Bayan-Ulgii aimag). We wish them good luck and keep our fingers crossed!