The winter in western Mongolia can get really cold, sometimes reaching -46 Celsius. On sunny days, all animals graze the pasture around the winter house. However, when the temperature drops, it is important that the cattle, goats and sheep necessary for life in the steppe have a place to take shelter from the cold. Thanks to Wilde Ganzen and Friends of SSN NGO’s support, we have helped build five animal shelters in the local communities of Dayan territory so far. The herders who live in remote areas are very grateful for having livestock shelters, and can now provide all of their animals with warm, comfortable winter this year. Once they have warm shelters, the herders are hoping for a very snowy winter. If there is a lot of snow , the cattle will have more drinking water. Before these animals shelters, they were never able to enjoy having so much snow. Thank you again to our donors and partners!