During the COVID-19, pandemic most of the children stay with their parents, who moved to spring camp which is around 150 km from the central mean administrative area.

The road covered with snow remoted isolated area , so it is really difficult to get emergency service if someone get sick!!!

To helping children and families to get service on time if there is emergency, Source of Steppe Nomads NGO with local administrative team worked among three days on isolated remote area.

On emergency service bag  included with temperature measure, masks, hand sanitizer, and some flu medicines …etc / all together 10 different first aid service materials including on it /

So, thanks to our  donor partner  FSSN NGO support we implemented COVID-19 prevention project in which around 220 families included from 4 different bags of Ulaankhus soum in isolated areas.

Also, 12 families who are under the poverty line, involved AID-FOOD project and received flower, rice, tea bags, vegetable oil and pasta.

We always appreciate FSSN NGO boards and their Honor donors!!!


Lena and SSN NGO board members