Every year, Source of Steppe’s Green Food Security project helps families gain access to free gardening seed. The number of families maintaining their own gardens has increased year by year. Last year, under the Corona -Fund budget, and with the financial support from WILDE Ganzen and FSSN NGO, we were able to extend the reach of the gardening project.

Three families have gotten long-term greenhouse access thanks to independent donor Mr. Frederico Arujo in Sogoog village.


Today, 90 a total of families have filed for personal vegetable gardens, 8 families have been provided with long-term gardening equipment, and 4 organizations have both vegetable gardening, 4 summer greenhouses, and 1 long term greenhouse. Four of the organizations mentioned above are kindergartens and dormitories, where community children grow up and are provided with education over a span of 10 months. Five green houses are located at Ulaankhus soum, four of them were built under the FSSN NGO support, and one of them was built with support given by Mrs. Amanda Cortes since 2018 till 2020