I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our collaborators at Rustic Pathways! Together for the last 6 years, we have made a lot of changes to better life in the remote and isolated western communities of Mongolia. Thanks to the Safe Schools Project, children in these villages now have more opportunities for the development of their education than ever before. Furthermore, we have also been able to also focus our project’s implementation in the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar, to provide educational opportunities to children living there. School buildings in the suburbs tend to be very old. Often, these buildings were built for different reasons, and later repurposed into schools, meaning many of the classrooms are not up to standard. For this reason, it’s important to us to focus on them. Many of the students are underprivileged, orphaned, or come from very poor backgrounds to these suburb schools. The rooms are poorly-insulated, and grow very cold. With help from the program, students are putting up felt wallboard and laying PVC flat tiles to insulate the classrooms, making them warm and comfortable. The schools also do not have any extra rooms to offer extracurriculars or study time to help students develop themselves. Creating spaces like these will be a main goal of our renovations. Once this renovation has been completed, underprivileged students can use the space to develop their skills, which will give them a better chance at winning various academic competitions and getting the funds to enhance their education. Without your generosity, it would not have been possible for this project to be as successful as it was. When we come together as a community, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. Your hard work and donation made it possible for our students to have an learning atmosphere that is both enjoyable and comfortable. This project was implemented in close cooperation with Source of Steppe Nomads NGO and Rustic Pathways Company. In 2019, due to the implementation of the project “Child-friendly and Safe Environment” at the local schools, all these local schools’ classrooms and cultural halls were renovated. Thanks to KGV, German Swiss, Sha Tin, SIS, IS and WIS, as well as school students, chaperons and program leaders’ of Rustic Pathways and NGO local staff, for the hard work and great financial support over the course of this project. Your generosity has made a tremendous impact in our mission, allowing us to continue our work and support our children’s educational development. We truly appreciate your support and donations!!!

Yours sincerely,

Lina Khazidolda