The SSN NGO projects against desertification and herdsmen families grass land for their animals!

Families are so happy spending their time as a gardening. They enjoy having their private garden 🙂 This year’s new family who is gardening first time. The SSN NGO gardener  is giving him advise about how to make softer the soils 3 days after watering!:)
This is the first time Sogog family has his own Green house. We using it as a pilot! Here is a result!:)
Good news! This year ,many families a lot of seabuckthorn berries are giving fruits which is rich of with vitamin C. Organization trees growing well as well as family trees!
These area herdsmen families grass land for their animals!  Last two months had a lot of rain which helped growing grasses better! Of course gardeners both SSN NGO and families are working hard to grow it better!…
Community tree park where planted trees against desertification. Now this land is being changed as a green land!  🙂