Report of works done in May

This year, thousands of children were sick with mumps in Mongolia. From Sogoog 100 children were sick with mumps. it was controlled after SSN NGO and the Canadian group together organized an early detection system and gave instructions to school children with their parents on how to protect themselves and how to not infect others with mumps. Therefore, we tested all children’s health and analyzed the possibility of infection. The children who already were infected, were under the control of Dr. Marsya, SSN NGO doctor, and Dr. Seicbol, Sogoog bagh doctor. The Canadian group and SSN NGO organized a cleaning day to wash all the rooms of the dormitory and the furniture with chlorine, thus all classrooms, and everything in the school which are touched by children, have been cleaned.
Thanks to Mr.Greet Postma’s support, Sogoog school’s deep well for the vegetable field was fixed successfully! And the green projects started again 
The Canadian group is helping to make a water channel in the vegetable field of Sogoog school. The Community came to help the vegetable field preparation work.
 Gardeners transporting the manure and black soil.
 Digging the vegetable fields. Gardeners are so happy when they see the vegetable fields’ soil is developing a year after year. However, Sogoog is the driest area in Mongolia. The project’s success is the result of the gardeners’ hard work and foreign donors support! Especially thanks to Mr. Geert Postma’s supporting the green project ,the health project and the education projects budget and advice.
 Sogoog school children have a class at the vegetable field. It is a very good opportunity for children to learn by practice. Having classes at the vegetable field and at the Green house, students can improve their gardening skills and experience. Learning in this way, most of children are taking care of their own garden and helping their neighbors garden.
Some trees were brought and planted at the green house as a pilot project, from a local forest. For now it is growing well. If we manage to grow these seedling trees well, they will be transplanted at the tree parks. If there are good results we will plant many trees. We hope the planted trees grow well, which helps to stop desertification in Sogoog.
Green house seeds sprouting well.
Sogoog kindergarten teachers and Sogoog school teachers received donation materials from Holland and Germany. Some drawing by the talented children of Sogoog were displayed at the art show in the school gym.
Altan-Aray ladies started their work after many difficulties happened. They are so happy to be back to work, after the lost of two more members. Now, there are 6 members working, two of them handicraft women. Sogoog dormitory basketball team received sport T-shirts from Canadian donors. We hope and wish them success to participate in the world cup!:) in the future.